Homes offers tempting, but the risks can't be ignored

As if thumping their noses at the government's market cooling measures, Hong Kong's two largest property agencies have offered prospective homes buyers zero down payment mortgage loans to buy properties. The move could add fuel to the already red-hot ... ( read original story ...)

Will higher rates hit HK property prices right away?

And the real mortgage rate has been hovering in negative territory between 2010 and the third quarter of last year, underpinning Hong Kong’s home market throughout the six-year period. The Federal Reserve is expected to accelerate its rate hiking pace ... ( read original story ...)

Mortgage e-alert date

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority said yesterday that the Land Registry will start accepting applications in February for its e-alert service where banks will receive electronic notifications when homeowners take out a second mortgage.The authority said it ... ( read original story ...)

Blockchain for Mortgages: Compelling, But Premature

how close is the mortgage industry to actually adopting blockchain into its processes? In some places, it already has been. In October, Bank of China and HSBC began testing blockchain tech on a property valuation system for home loans in Hong Kong – one ... ( read original story ...)