WuXi Won’t Make Hong Kong IPOs Hot

Nisha Gopalan is a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering deals and banking. She previously worked for the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones as an editor and a reporter. The words hot and Hong Kong IPO haven't been seen in the same sentence for quite some time. ( read original story ...)

Flat buyers in for a rude awakening, Hong Kong officials warn

Hong Kong’s top financial officials on Monday issued their strongest warning yet to homebuyers about escalating risks in the “exuberant” market, revealing that prices were now nearly 90 per cent above their peak in 1997. Principal government ... ( read original story ...)

Guangzhou Rural Bank launches up to $1.1 billion Hong Kong IPO

HONG KONG Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co Ltd (GRCB) launched a Hong Kong initial public offering worth as much as $1.1 billion on Monday, seeking funds for potential M&A and to open new branches as it expands its lending and investment businesses. ( read original story ...)