Hang Seng Bank (0011) Declines -0.99% on Oct 9

Hang Seng Bank together with other companies found their audience at this market. This is mainly the reason behind the region’s fast-paced economic growth. In terms of market capitalization, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) is the third largest ... ( read original story ...)

Tencent unit plans IPO

As of the end of last year, China Literature had 5.3 million writers and 8.4 million literary works. If China Literature's Hong Kong IPO plan materializes, it intends to use the IPO net proceeds to expand its online reading business, specifically its share ... ( read original story ...)

A New Skipper for HSBC’s $2.5-Trillion Ship?

Had China or Hong Kong's economy taken a downward turn, there might have been less enthusiasm for a known quantity at the tiller. Obviously, with so much expectation baked into HSBC's shares, as well as the buyback bonanza, any incoming management team ... ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong parents splurge the most on studies

Parents in hong Kong spend more on their children's education than any other country in the world, a new study by HSBC has shown (www.hsbc.com/ news-and-insight/media-resources/ media-releases/2017/the-value-of- education-higher-and-higher). Between ... ( read original story ...)