Hong Kong choose new leader amid accusations of China meddling

A protester holds up a yellow umbrella, the symbol of the Occupy Central movement, as she marches to demand universal suffrage in the Chief Executive election in Hong Kong Thomson Reuters HONG KONG (Reuters) - A small electoral college chooses a new Hong ... ( read original story ...)

The Hong Kong chief executive election: What you need to know

This committee is made up of the 70 members of Hong Kong’s legislative chamber, and a mix of professionals, business and trade elites. The first vote will be cast at 9am, and the three candidates need at least 601 votes to win. If there is no overall ... ( read original story ...)

Video protest over divisive Hong Kong vote

Entitled "No election in Hong Kong now", the collated livestream on Facebook was billed by organisers as a "counter-broadcast". The collage of images comprises clips submitted by Hongkongers going about their normal business to show their lack of ... ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong chooses new leader amid accusations of China meddling

A small electoral college began voting for a new Hong Kong leader on Sunday amid accusations that Beijing is meddling and denying the Chinese-ruled financial hub a more populist leader perhaps better suited to defuse political tension. The majority of the ... ( read original story ...)

HSBC to launch voice recognition in Hong Kong for phone banking

If you are tired of remembering, or worse still have forgotten your password, here is something you can bank on – your own voice, as more lenders launch voice biometric identity verification for phone banking. Citibank already has one million customers ... ( read original story ...)