Hong Kong: Why there is chaos in parliament

From swearing to throwing luncheon meat, unprecedented scenes have been playing out in Hong Kong's lawmaking body - the Legislative Council. On Wednesday, dozens of lawmakers staged a walk-out ahead of a second attempt to swear in newly elected pro ... ( read original story ...)

Fight Till Last Man Standing At Bank Of East Asia

Bank of East Asia is at the centre of a proxy fight between unlikely partners: Elliott Associates, the Hong Kong based Li family, Sumitomo and Caixabank from Barcelona. Even if BEA falls on the midterm dragged by the Chinese situation, mild economic data ... ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong a free economy? Don’t make me laugh

This cult of amateurism cost Hong Kong’s economy grievously. Cowperthwaite knew nothing about banking – he could not read a bank’s balance sheet – and he wasn’t prepared to learn. He allowed the city’s proliferation of locally-owned banks to ... ( read original story ...)