Hong Kong’s ageing time bomb a cause for concern

Hong Kong’s men and women also enjoy the longest life expectancy in the world – 87 years for women and 81 for men – implying that more people will be relying on social services paid by a shrinking workforce. In just two decades, the percentage of ... ( read original story ...)

The Hong Kong banking jobs where you have no future

The recent wave of redundancies at global banks in Hong Kong had one common characteristic – it was aimed largely at expensive senior staff. While job hunting at the top of the banking tree has always between more difficult than at the bottom, the ... ( read original story ...)

Is Hong Kong Right For Your Amazon FBA Business?

So your Chinese factories, many of them, will already have a HK company and a Hong Kong bank account, most likely HSBC HK. You can pay them immediately, no fee, and they will receive the funds almost at the same time. You can envision one of those drug ... ( read original story ...)