Why Hong Kong start-ups find it hard to raise funds

Hong Kong’s strange financial dilemma is that despite easily ... That seed capital will allow ideas to be sorted out into investable business plans. Staging near-religious, reality show style incubator conferences are only as useful as the amount of ... ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong to ban ivory trade by 2021

On Wednesday, Hong Kong government announced that its three-step plan to phase out domestic ivory trade by the end of 2021 was approved by the Chief Executive in Council. The legislature amendments will be tabled before the Legislative Council during the ... ( read original story ...)

Dismiss thriving desert hub Dubai at your peril

And I concede that Dubai has built a powerful and – for now – successful business model which teaches some important lessons, and from which we in Hong Kong might valuably learn. As China has extended its international reach, in particular towards the ... ( read original story ...)