Chinese money flowing to Hong Kong stocks has suddenly dried up

[HONG KONG] Hong Kong's stock market is suffering from a post-holiday hangover. The flood of Chinese money into the city before the mainland's National Day celebrations in early October has slowed to a trickle since traders returned from the week-long break. ( read original story ...)

Balancing cultural appropriation with good business

The Hong Kong International Literary Festival kicks off this Friday ... the ubiquitous sombrero. What would be the business impact if these naifs became too culturally sensitive to buy such gear? Then there was the case of actress Vanessa Hudgens being ... ( read original story ...)

U.K. banker pleads not guilty to murder in Hong Kong trial

HONG KONG -- A British banker accused of the grisly 2014 killings of two Indonesian women pleaded not guilty when he went on trial Monday in Hong Kong, in a case expected to highlight the Asian financial hub's inequality and privileged lifestyle of its ... ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong court is told banker was using cocaine during murders

HONG KONG -- A British banker was using cocaine when he killed two Indonesian women by slitting their throats and then used his phone to film himself talking about it, a Hong Kong prosecutor said as a trial for the 2014 killings opened Monday. The banker ... ( read original story ...)