Hong Kong hopes for business services boom from AIIB club

Hong Kong is hoping its professional and financial services will get a big boost when it becomes a member of a Beijing-backed bank created to finance infrastructure across Asia. The Asian Infrastructure ­Investment Bank’s (AIIB) board announced on ... ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong’s future: a bridge from China to Southeast Asia

A third report, this one by McKinsey Global Institute, forecasts that by as early as 2030, Southeast Asia will have the fourth-largest GDP in the world, after the United States, China and Japan. Again, little is mentioned of Hong Kong in this context. ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong leader's race pits Beijing's pick vs 'Uncle Chips'

Hong Kong's next leader will be chosen Sunday by an election committee stacked with pro-Beijing elites who heed the wishes of China's communist leaders rather than the semiautonomous region's voters. The candidates are front-runner Carrie Lam, a career ... ( read original story ...)

Dead replica dictators draw Hong Kong art crowds

A "breathing" Fidel Castro is among several ex-communist leaders gathered in Hong Kong this week -- one of the world's centres of capitalism -- as part of a cheeky exhibition at Art Basel. Lifelike replicas of Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Kim Il-Sung ... ( read original story ...)

Photo gallery: New Hong Kong leader, as anointed by Beijing

HONG KONG (AP) - On Sunday morning, a select group of tycoons, business leaders, politicians and trade and industry group representatives will gather in a cavernous exhibition center to vote for the next leader of Hong Kong. Three candidates are on the ... ( read original story ...)