Banks invited to work on Great Wall’s $2bn Hong Kong float

Great Wall will be the third Chinese “bad bank” to list in Hong Kong. The company, along with three other similar groups, was created by China’s finance ministry in 1999 as a vehicle into which non-performing loans could be offloaded from China’s ... ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong Interbank Rate Tops 1% for First Time Since 2008

head of the institutional banking group at DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd. To read more on the threat to Hong Kong home prices, click here “The market is following the U.S. because it expects a Fed rate hike to happen, and it’s near year-end and month-end ... ( read original story ...)

Hassle-free banking for busy expats

It all begins with opening your local bank account. Opening a bank account is one of the first few things you ought to do after arriving in Hong Kong, especially if you’re planning on staying for a while. To receive your salary, you’ll need to have a ... ( read original story ...)

IMF Says Hong Kong Property to Slow If Fed Delivers Rate Hikes

The U.S. central bank has lifted rates just four times in two years and put its $4.5 trillion balance sheet on a very gradual path of slimming down, but further tightening is expected next year. Because Hong Kong’s currency is pegged to the dollar ... ( read original story ...)