China’s Xi: No tolerance for subversion in Hong Kong

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned Saturday that any activities in Hong Kong seen as threatening China's sovereignty and stability would be "absolutely impermissible," employing some of his harshest language yet against burgeoning separatist sentiment in ... ( read original story ...)

The Latest: Thousands on Hong Kong streets for annual march

An annual protest march has begun in Hong Kong, hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping wrapped up his visit to the city by warning against challenges to Beijing's sovereignty. Thousands of protesters joined the rally organized by a pro-democracy ... ( read original story ...)

Reinvention or regrets? Hong Kong faces a fork in the road

Number two in flows of goods, services, and finance, says the McKinsey Global Institute. Our students are among the highest performers in the world. Hong Kong students ranked second in mathematics and reading, and ninth in science, in the widely regarded ... ( read original story ...)